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I would like to tell you about a great new opportunity I have recently began, it will help me help you and your families even more! I have joined an organization called Homes for Heroes ®. Homes for Heroes was established shortly following the tragic events of 9/11 as a way to give back and say, “Thank You” to our nation’s heroes.

If you or know someone who is a firefighter, in law enforcement, a healthcare worker, teacher, or military – active, reserves or veteran – you will save a significant amount of money when buying and/or selling a home – whether you are currently working or retired, you are and always will be a hero. If you or anyone you know falls into one or more of those categories, by working with me, you and your friends and family will get that discount on the selling and/or buying of a home. Please send all active and retired heroes my way, as they deserve to be rewarded for serving our community day after day!

– BUY A HOME and receive a check from Homes for Heroes in the mail.
– SELL A HOME and receive reduced real estate service fees at closing.
– MORTGAGE or REFINANCE and receive reduced lending fees.

This organization works in conjunction with my role at Keller Williams, so all deals still go through Keller Williams with Homes for Heroes providing additional support and resources for the deals. Even if you do not fall into the categories above, I’d still love to help you through my regular channels at Keller Williams.

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